Mentor Capital, Inc. (MNTR: OTC Pink Limited) | Mentor Capital says HempCon to be First Funded from New Public Cannabis Fund


Mentor Capital says HempCon to be First Funded from New Public Cannabis Fund

Jan 19, 2014

OTC Disclosure News Service

San Diego, CA

Mentor Capital, Inc. (OTC Markets:MNTR) announced its first major
acquisition for cannabis funding will be HempCon, Inc. That medical marijuana
convention company is hosting hemp industry pioneers at the San Jose Convention
Center January 17-19th.  The agreement by
principals and letter of intent outlines that  HempCon, Inc. will receive $7.0 Million from
Mentor Capital investors plus future public market appreciation for a 100%
interest.  Positioning HempCon to be  the first to be funded, by the first operating
public cannabis fund of its kind, should be wholly credited to savvy action by HempCon
founder Edwin Kwong, who had already been approached by two other public
companies, reports Mentor Capital CEO, Chester Billingsley. 

Those merger discussions between the CEOs are a snapshot of the turning page
in the marijuana industry as it shifts from a movement to a financed business.  Sober bankers now meet with serious founders
and provide substantial capital for reward, expansion and roll-up.  Quickly shifting Mentor Capital?s
authorization for shareholders to directly purchase $140 million in now cannabis
related shares, gives other cannabis founders and the interested public a
timely opportunity to participate in this market from a fresh start.  To endorse confidence in his long-term
investment focus the Mentor CEO has placed his shares in a voluntary escrow.

?Mentor has a medical history and is most interested in the
positive effect of cannabis slowing the electric signal at the synapse ?
meaning, it calms things,? explains Billingsley.  ?Nausea is settled, seizures don?t build to a
cascade, shaking is smoothed and pain is reduced.?  ?On the side of social use, we note that
marijuana is only half as addicting as alcohol, you can?t overdose, people
don?t fight and they actually drive slower. 
Drunkenness is reduced by a substitution effect, and the social and
fiscal costs of incarceration are reduced,? 
he concludes.


Mentor Capital, Inc., an operating company, by acquisition
or investment, seeks to fund a significant portion of the $140 Million that
would flow from the exercise of warrants its shareholders already hold into
leading cannabis brands.  Mentor Capital emphasizes
legal compliance and its CEO?s shares are held in escrow.   


Forward Looking Statements, Safe Harbor and Risk
Descriptions are Incorporated by Reference from the MNTR Company Web Site

For further information contact:


Chester Billingsley, CEO                   

Mentor Capital, Inc.

(760) 788 – 4700 

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