PBS Holding, Inc. (PBHG: OTC Pink Current) | PBS Holding, Inc. (PBHG) Announces the Move of FuelFromH2o Inc. to Dallas, TX


DALLAS, TX–(Marketwired – Apr 1, 2014) – PBS Holding, Inc. (OTC Pink: PBHG) (PINKSHEETS: PBHG) (the “Company”) announces the move of FuelFromH2o Inc. to Dallas, TX.

PBS Holding, Inc. would like to announce the move of FuelFromH2o Inc., an Atlanta based business since 2004, to Dallas, TX. As was announced last week, PBS Holding Inc. acquired a HHO generator company. The company, FuelFromH2o Inc. (www.FuelFromH2o.com), has given Water To Fuel Technology Inc., a subsidiary of PBS Holding Inc., the exclusive rights, and technology, to manufacture and distribute worldwide, their proprietary technology in converting the components of water (hydrogen/oxygen) to a supplementary fuel.

FuelFromH2o Inc. was founded January of 2004 by CEO/Engineer Jim Cornell with the introduction of the first MagDrive Hydrogen Generator Series 8. Jim started his work in developing and perfecting the Hydrogen Generator as early as 2002 with the Series 1 model. He started selling the Series 8 when it was proven to be completely safe, and effective in increasing fuel mileage in 2004. Jim’s Military background of inertial guidance systems, nuke arming chains, missile peripherals and making things glow in the daylight or dark, made it a lot easier to accomplish the quality product he has created today.

During July of 2008 MagDrive celebrated its 8,000th unit being shipped, a great accomplishment in 4 short years, that summed up to over 130 Million pounds of emission reduction of CO2 gases and over 100,000 barrels of oil that America did not have to import.

As we see the growing concerns of rising fuel prices, it only made sense for us to offer an inexpensive and affordable way to help increase fuel mileage and efficiency with the installation of a Hydrogen Generator. By converting the components of water into its primary elements of Hydrogen and Oxygen (HHO) and introducing the hydrogen/oxygen gas it produces in conjunction with your regular fuel, our Hydrogen Generators have shown to improve the fuel economy of your engine from 15 – 45% as well as drastically reduce emissions to exceptionally clean standards. Hydrogen Generators can be used on any piston-powered engine such as those in cars, trucks, diesel trucks, boats or stationary engines such as power generators and irrigation pumps. Our Hydrogen Generators will work on a wide range of fuel such as gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, vegetable oil, ethanol, E85, E10, CNG and LPG.

Our newly appointed president, Michael Reed, has a degree in engineering from Texas AM. He was a former distributor and installer of FuelFromH2o Inc. Hydrogen Generators in Carrolton, TX. Jim Cornell is currently in Dallas, training Mr. Reed along with 4 other employees on how to build all the HHO generators. Complete training will be finished in about 30 days. At that time Water To Fuel Technology Inc. will be the exclusive manufacturer and worldwide distributor of all products currently being sold by FuelFromH2o Inc. Mr. Reed will be a tremendous asset to the Company as he brings a wealth of experience and management skills that will make this acquisition run and operate smoothly.

“This is our second major acquisition in less than 2 months. We estimate combined revenue from both of these companies, Jazz Candles and Water To Fuel Technology Inc., to be over $3.2 million for 2014, based on their past year’s revenue, and in hand purchase orders. We are very excited to have both of these companies in our portfolio. Both are well-established companies that will bring instant revenue to the Company. We will continue to work on making PBS Holding Inc. completely diversified. Our focus is to have multiple revenue channels, which will provide a major stream of income to our Company,” stated Mr. Vakser. 

About Water To Fuel Technology Inc.
Water To Fuel Technology Inc., a subsidiary of PBS Holding, Inc., has the exclusive rights, and technology, to manufacture and distribute worldwide, proprietary technology in converting the components of water (hydrogen/oxygen) to a supplementary fuel. These HHO generators will work in all piston-powered engines and with any fuel. We currently have 10 distributors in the USA, along with 1 distributor in each of the following countries: Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Italy, and the Dominican of Republic, Latin America.

About Jazz Candles 
We strive to provide our customers the safest and highest quality products available on the market today. In an age when the candle industry has been inundated by candle marketers, we stand fast to our commitment to the craft and art of making quality highly scented candles. It takes a careful formulation of quality ingredients to create strong scented candles, with brilliant colors, true fragrance scents, and a consistency that makes the candle burn cleanly and safely. We continue to research and develop fragrances and wax formulations that serve as the major foundation that has made our candles the leader in the industry of highly scented candles. Our method is not the easiest or least expensive way to make candles, but we believe it is the right way — the only way to get the safest, highest quality candles you have come to expect from Jazz Candles. www.jazzcandles.com

About PBS Holding, Inc.
PBS Holding, Inc., through its direct sales group, recently launched, “De Vie Sun,” which is translated, “Healthy Life.” This product is the first to be introduced by the Company, which is focusing on the development, marketing and distribution of nutritional and functional beverages for consumers. The Company is marketing this product through the home-based direct sales channel. www.starfestdirect.com

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