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PGI Energy Announces New EU Division

Aug 31, 2011

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Houston, TX –

PGI ENERGY, INC has established a new Europe division PGI Energy Trading, LTD registered in London and Wales to trade petroleum products throughout the UK. PGI is currently negotiating with major petroleum suppliers in the UK to facilitate sale of products on both spot and contract basis with deep discounts to market pricing as a wholesaler/reseller on behalf of major buyers. There is a global demand for fuel Diesel, Jet Fuel, and NGL. PGI is looking to supply the growing demand and earn hefty profits for its shareholders.

PGI is in the development and planning stage for building a unique electronic trading platform for physical commodities worldwide. PGI is considering a technology developer in India. The plan is to facilitate buyers and seller’s negotiation and settlement of physical commodities trading through a secure streamlined reliable platform rather than the antiquated human network trading currently utilized to close most trades.



About us

PGI Energy, Inc. is an energy holding company, headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company’s purpose is to acquire assets in the proven producing oil, gas assets, refinery, pipeline sectors of the energy industry and other synergistic assets.


 PGI has formed several partnerships to grow its core business organically through strategic alliances diversifying its interest in green energy through biomass production, waste to energy, wood pellets production, syn gas, bio char production and plastics to synthetic crude. PGI has several core divisions which provide support to its operations and customers such as PGI Transportation Logistics, PGI Manufacturing Engineering, PGI Green E P and PGI Commodities Trading.





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