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Readen Holding Corp. Completese Acquistion of Readen Industries

Sep 09, 2011

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Hilversum, Netherlands –

Readen Holding  Corp.  (RHCO.PK)  Completes acquisition of Readen Industries, D5 Mobile BV, D5 and D5 Mobile SARL

Hilversum, The Netherlands — Sept. 9, 2011 READEN HOLDING CORP. (RHCO.PK) announced to have finalized the acquisition off a group of companies.

Readen Holding Corp. invests not only in telecommunication in general, but through its subsidiaries, also continues to develop and design tailor-made products and application software for the telecom market to meet the needs of consumers and the service industry.


Three individual companies based in Europe: D5 Mobile B.V., D5 Mobile SARL and D5 Avenue Ltd, have been acquired for the sales and distribution of Readen Holding Corp.’s exclusive lines of mobile phones and an extensive range of telecom related products. A Hong Kong and China based company has been acquired to manage the group’s RD product development and quality control.


With these acquisitions, the Read Holding Corp. made a big step in its plan to become a full service Telecom Organization.

Readen Industries Ltd

The RD, product development, designing and innovation office is responsible for the purchase and production-planning and all the communication with the hardware and IT producers.


D5 Mobile B.V. and D5 Mobile SARL

Both companies are responsible for providing mobile phones and telecom related products to fulfill the wishes and needs of European users. One of the key values of D5 Mobile is to ensure a high standard in design, quality and functionalities of mobile phones and market matching software applications.


D5Mobile B.V.

A Dutch registered company operating from their trendy designed office and showroom in the city of Hilversum, the Netherlands. This location is also used as the group’s head office. The organization consists of a team of sales and marketing managers, administration and distribution officers. D5 Mobile products are sold and marketed by the Company’s sales representatives to European retailers, internet and B2B network sellers. The strength of our product lines and services is the exclusively owned mobile phone software, developed and supplied by our organization.


D5 Mobile SARL

D5 Mobile has opened an office in Aubervilliers near Paris in cooperation with our partner Chen Trading of Hong Kong.  The organization is responsible for the sales and distribution of the Company’s full product line and services to the French and Belgian market. The management of the Company has 30 years of combined experience in the French and Belgian market and is working with the larger retailers like Carrefour and Auchan.


D5 Avenue Ltd

The company is responsible for the online sales and marketing for all the companies’ product lines on a B2C basis (see In addition, D5 Avenue has a very strong distribution network for new and refurbished branded products like Blackberry, Nokia and Samsung mobile phones and handsets.


The group’s mission statement is to be a valuable partner for customers in terms of technical flexibility, quality and competitive pricing through the complete value chain (SIM cards, mobile phones and applications).

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