SK3 Group, Inc. (SKTO: OTC Pink Current) | SKTO’s Medical Greens Announces Start of Distribution of Dharmanol(TM)


LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Dec 13, 2013) – SK3 Group, Inc’s (OTC Pink: SKTO) subsidiary Medical Greens is pleased to announce that the first batch of Dharmanol™ has been manufactured and is ready to be rolled out for California distribution.

Dharmanol™ (pronounced DAR-mah-nol) will be available in two forms: low-dose, non-psychoactive tablets and high-doses directed to cancer.

The low-dose, non-psychoactive tablets can be taken daily as a nutritional supplement to stimulate the endo-cannabinoid system, an internal system which controls and regulates many other bodily systems such as immune response. Much research has shown that there is substantial medicinal benefit in “stimulating” a compromised endo-cannabinoid system with cannabinoids, causing the other systems to work as they should.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is using Dharmanol™ for cancer. Very large doses can be taken daily with no psychoactive effects. On observing the spectacular results that patients are receiving with standard Simpson therapy, most scientists studying cannabis medicine agree that if the dose could be increased ten or a hundred times, its already substantial efficacy will be greatly increased. Now this is possible thanks to the removal of the “high” from the cannabinoids in the production of Dharmanol™.

These tablets contain an array of the most beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Each tablet will contain 5 mg. of CBD, 5 mg. of mixed cannabinoids in their non-psychoactive form (known as mixed carboxylates) and 5 mg. of a steam-distilled mixture of the natural terpenes and terpenoids found in cannabis and hemp. The terpene element is thought to be responsible for the increased medicinal efficacy of “whole plant” cannabis preparations. The specific recipe is proprietary to Medical Greens.

“These products are game changers for patients,” said SKTO President Artemus Mayor. “Now patients can accurately regulate their dosing with medication, without any worry of the psychoactive effects, or high, that is the natural byproduct of existing products on the market. We are fortunate that our team has been among the first to be able to enhance the consumer, and patient, experience in this manner.”

About SK3
SK3 is a healthcare logistics and fulfillment consultancy focused on the delivery of alternative care and medicine. With seasoned management, breakthrough technology and best practices, SK3 brings standardization and transparency to this rapidly growing segment of the alternative care field.

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