SportsQuest, Inc. (SPQS: OTC Link) | SportsQuest Signs Letter of Intent with FDN Trade International to Distribute Stevia


SportsQuest Signs Letter of Intent with FDN Trade International to Distribute Stevia

Nov 20, 2012

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Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL Nov. 20, 2012 (OTC MARKETS NEWSWIRE) — SportsQuest, Inc. (SPQS), a publicly-traded holding company, announces today that it has signed a Letter Of Intent with FDN Trade International to distribute Stevia, a natural sweetening agent derived from the leaf of the Stevia plant.  Stevia is a healthier replacement for sugar and artificial sweeteners.  SPQS subsidiary Zabo Foods will manage the commercialization effort and expects to announce its premiere Stevia product within the next two weeks.

Currently, Stevia is available in both liquid and powder forms.  The powdered form requires a base of 93% maltodextrin (corn flour) and 7% Stevia. The body converts maltodextrin into glucose (sugar), negating the intent of using the product as a sugar replacement.  Zabo Foods’ Stevia extract is 100% organically grown and derived.  It differs from other market products in that the only chemical added to the final product is ascorbic acid, an organic compound that raises the extract’s antioxidant level, marking Zabo’s liquid Stevia extract as the superior sweetener. 

FDN Trade International, based in Columbia, South America, is the distributing arm for UNIASOCIAR PM, a grower of Stevia. UNIASOCIAR PM and FDN Trade International are both certified in and involved in every point of production: the pre-crop process, planting of the crop, harvesting, and final transformation.  The end result- liquid Stevia extract- is unique in that it boasts 5 international certifications across 3 continents:

1. USDA- Organic, FDA approved, BT081661000CT1e

 2. JAS- Japan’s Agricultural Standards

 3. European Union Organic Certified

 4. Bio-Tropico Certification

 5. INVIMA Certification, RSAT 22I206

Under the terms of the agreement, SPQS we will be able to purchase organic and regular Stevia at an agreed-upon locked-in price.  The revenue model built will allow SPQS to quickly scale its business, providing a faster path to breakeven operations with significantly less upfront investment capital and risk.

Jeffery Burns, SPQS CEO/President, comments, “We are off to a great start with the revitalization of Zabo Foods.  Given the opportunities presented by our partners, the growing Stevia market is reaching the 13 billion dollar mark and is expected to have continued growth as more consumers and manufacturers switch from sugar to the healthier Stevia. Our proposed plans are to scale our business model; we are targeting significant revenue growth during calendar year 2013, provided we achieve certain capital requirements.”

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