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Technip and METabolic EXplorer Sign Agreement to Evaluate Combined Polymer Technology

Aug 23, 2016

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Technip (Paris:TEC) (ISIN:FR0000131708) (ADR:TKPPY) and METabolic
EXplorer have signed an agreement to assess the feasibility of offering
a combined technology package consisting of the companies’ respective PDO(1)
and PTT(2) technologies. The evaluation will include a
technical and commercial review with a goal of bringing the bundled
technology package to the market for licensing.

PTT is used for the production of high quality textile fibers, packaging
films and engineered plastics. The growth potential of the PTT market is
currently hampered by limited quantities of PDO, a feedstock used to
produce PTT.

METabolic Explorer has developed a patented, efficient technology to
produce PDO through the fermentation of crude glycerins from either
vegetable oils (first generation) or recycled oils (second generation).

Technip’ s operating center in Frankfurt, Germany, which operates as
Technip Zimmer Process Technology(3),licenses
the PTT technology, which was developed in the 1990s in their research
center in Frankfurt, Germany, and commercialized in the early 2000.
Technip’s center in Lyon, France, which has provided engineering
services for Metex’s PDO technology, will support this new evaluation

By combining these complementary technologies, METabolic EXplorer and
Technip Zimmer seek to offer a complete industrial solution for the
production of biosourced PTT to the market.

Benjamin Gonzalez, founder and CEO of METabolic EXplorer, declared: “I
am glad about this partnership with Technip Zimmer which will accelerate
the deployment of the PDO technology for the PTT applications, with a
market mainly located in Asia. This partnership with a company as strong
as Technip is a real opportunity to open up this PTT market, which is
currently limited by the lack of PDO, by offering an innovative and
sustainable solution while creating value for our shareholders. It is
also one more confirmation of the competitiveness and the maturity of
our bioprocess as well as a confirmation of the growth potential of the
PTT textile fiber.”

Andreas Bormann, Managing Director of Technip Zimmer Process Technology,
added: “By bundling PDO and PTT technologies, our goal is to offer a
competitive product to a market that is in constant search for
diversified, high quality polymers with a solid growth potential. By
combining Technip’s strong technology and engineering capabilities with
METabolic Explorer’s technical expertise, we look forward to providing
our customers with a complete technology and engineering package, a
single point of interface and the highest quality standards.”

(1)PDO (1,3-Propanediol) is a bulk chemical produced by
oil-based or bio-based feedstocks. Its main application is in the
production of PTT, where it serves as a monomer.
(Polytrimethylene Terephthalate) is a polymer produced from PDO and
terephthalic acid as feedstock.
(3)Technip Zimmer is a
leader in the field of technologies and plant engineering for polyester
production processes. The business was acquired by Technip in 2014 and
today is part of Technip Stone Webster Process Technology, which looks
after Technip’s expanding portfolio of onshore process technologies in
petrochemicals, refining, hydrogen and syngas, polymers and gas

About Technip
Technip is a world leader in project
management, engineering and construction for the energy industry.
the deepest Subsea oil gas developments to the largest and most
complex Offshore and Onshore infrastructures, our close to 32,500 people
are constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative
technologies to meet the world’s energy challenges.
Present in 45
countries, Technip has state-of-the-art industrial assets on all
continents and operates a fleet of specialized vessels for pipeline
installation and subsea construction.
shares are listed on the Euronext Paris exchange, and its ADR is traded
in the US on the OTCQX marketplace as an American Depositary Receipt

About METabolic Explorer
METabolic EXplorer is a biological
chemistry company founded in 1999. Its aim is to harness its
biotechnological innovations to contribute to the alternative production
of consumer goods in respect of the environment and in response to the
new social expectations of consumers. Based on the tried and tested
principle of industrial fermentation, METabolic EXplorer’s solutions
replace today’s petrochemical processes with the use of a wide range of
plant-based raw materials. METabolic EXplorer is currently focusing its
alternative processes on the production of three compounds that together
have an estimated, annual, end-market value of €7 billion. METabolic
EXplorer, based in Clermont-Ferrand, France, is listed on Euronext in
Paris (Compartment C, METEX) and is part of the CAC Small index.

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