Technip (TKPPY: OTCQX International Premier) | Technip awarded contract by Air Products for a hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas, USA


Technip awarded contract by Air Products for a hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas, USA

Jan 08, 2016

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Technip (Paris:TEC) (ISIN:FR0000131708) (ADR:TKPPY) was awarded a
contract by Air Products to provide technology, engineering and
procurement services for a grassroots hydrogen plant in Baytown, Texas,
USA. The 3.5 million standard cubic meters per day plant will produce
hydrogen and carbon monoxide (CO) to be supplied to customers from Air
Products’ established Gulf Coast Hydrogen and CO Pipeline Networks.

The plant will be built through the global hydrogen alliance(1)
between Air Products and Technip. It will feature Technip’s proprietary
high efficiency steam methane reforming (SMR) technology to produce high
purity hydrogen, carbon monoxide and export steam. It will also use the
latest nitrogen oxide reduction technology to reduce emissions.

Technip’s operating center in Claremont, California, USA, will execute
the project, which is scheduled for completion in 2018.

Stan Knez, President, Technip Stone Webster Process Technology,
commented: “We are proud that our SMR technology is helping customers
meet the world’s growing energy needs in a reliable, efficient and
sustainable manner. We look forward to executing this new project under
our global alliance with Air Products. This is the longest and most
productive global hydrogen alliance supporting the oil and gas industry
around the world.”


Fast Facts


About onshore products

  • Hydrogen: hydrogen is widely used in petroleum refining
    processes to remove impurities found in crude oil such as
    sulfur, olefins and aromatics to meet the product fuels
    specifications. Removing these components allows gasoline and
    diesel to burn cleaner and thus makes hydrogen a critical
    component in the production of cleaner fuels needed by modern,
    efficient internal combustion engines.
  • Reformer: a reformer (also called steam reformer or steam
    methane reformer) is a widely used industrial processing device
    in which a fossil fuel reacts with steam at high temperatures in
    the presence of a catalyst to produce hydrogen.

Learn more on Technip’s Hydrogen Technology :

(1) For more than 20 years, the Technip-Air Products alliance
has provided the worldwide refining industry with competitive technology
and world-class safety. The alliance is responsible for over 35 hydrogen
production plants located in 11 countries around the world and produces
well over 56 million standard cubic meters of hydrogen per day for clean
fuels production. Technip provides the design and construction expertise
for steam reformers while Air Products provides the gas separation
technology. Air Products, through its extensive operating network, and
Technip, from its large reference base, also bring effective operational
and engineering knowledge to “design-in” high reliability and efficiency.


° °

Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and
construction for the energy industry.

From the deepest Subsea oil gas developments to the largest and most
complex Offshore and Onshore infrastructures, our 36,000 people are
constantly offering the best solutions and most innovative technologies
to meet the world’s energy challenges.

Present in 48 countries, Technip has state-of-the-art industrial assets
on all continents and operates a fleet of specialized vessels for
pipeline installation and subsea construction.

Technip shares are listed on the Euronext Paris exchange and traded in
the USA on the OTCQX marketplace (OTCQX: TKPPY) as American Depositary

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