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Twin Vee, Movie Stars, Celebrities, and Media Productions

Dec 26, 2017

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FORT PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / December 26, 2017 / Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.’s (OTC PINK: TVPC) has been designing and building semi-custom, dual-hull boats for over 23 years. While the core of the company’s production caters to off-shore recreational and commercial use, “Twin Vee boats are also designed and purchased for media production due to their stability, ride superiority, and star quality,” says Preston Yarborough, Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.’s Director of Product Development and Board Member. According to Yarborough, there are many examples of celebrities and production companies preferring a Twin Vee boat over all other brands.

Guy Harvey, marine scientist, conservationist, and artist with a Twin Vee during a Guy Harvey Research Institute event

There are over seven thousand Twin Vee boats around the world. And while most Twin Vees are used for fishing, transportation, or water recreation – some Twin Vee boats are used to help film various movie and television projects across the globe. “Twin Vee boats have been used to shoot a James Bond film, multiple Pirates of the Caribbean movies, a special with Michael Phelps during Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, and for a variety of Lifetime movies,” remarks Yarborough. Most recently, the production staff from the 2017 remake of “Baywatch” was also in talks with Twin Vee to provide boats for the film.

A custom Twin Vee 36-footer rigged with a camera for film production

Perhaps the most prolific owner of a Twin Vee boat is Robert Brown, a professional photographer based in Southern California. “I have a long 10-year history now using my Twin Vee 36-footer, and it is the perfect hull made for what I do. I utilized this boat on many of my jobs. For instance, it was the only private boat hired to be one of the two on water live television boats for the Americas Cup event in San Francisco in 2014. My Twin Vee 36-footer was also the main filming platform for the feature film, ‘Chasing Mavericks,’ the television shows Dexter and Numb8rs, as well as many commercials. It is currently my third power catamaran, and I love it.”

Robert Brown’s Twin Vee boat used during the filming of an episode of ‘Dexter.’

In addition to its use in filming television shows and movies, it is not uncommon to find some notable people on a Twin Vee boat. According to Yarborough, one of the members of Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.’s management team, country music legend Hank Williams Jr, a former governor of Louisiana, and one of the founding members of the tech company Intel all own Twin Vee boats. Even supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin have been known to enjoy the smooth ride of a Twin Vee.

Hailey Baldwin Kendall Jenner on a Twin Vee – courtesy of Bella Hadid’s Instagram (bellahadid)

Kendall Jenner and other models on the bow of a Twin Vee

“We are so proud of the jobs the men and women of Twin Vee accomplish on a daily basis,” says Yarborough, “Their hard work is reflected in the vast amounts of loyal customers that utilize Twin Vee boats for everything from fishing to filming movies.” Yarborough and the rest of the Twin Vee management team are looking forward to 2018 to release new boat designs and upgrades to their product line. “Whether you’re a celebrity, film producer, a fisher, or a family seeking fun on the water, we remain committed to manufacturing the best riding boats on the water at the greatest value for our customers, without skimping on the quality we have always been known for.”

About Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

Headed by CEO Joseph Visconti, originally founded in 1994, the company designs, manufactures and sells recreational and commercial twin-hull power boats under the Twin Vee brand name. Over the past 23 years, the company has concentrated on perfecting the high-speed twin-displacement hull design, also known as a “catamaran powerboat.” For more information, go to or visit Twin Vee Powercats, Inc.’s Facebook page.


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SOURCE: Twin Vee PowerCats, Inc.

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