Aug 03, 2017

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Press Release 08/04/2017

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New Partnership: UMAX has partnered with a Pat Lowery, and NUTECH DEVELOPMENT Inc, who has over 30 years of contracting experience building custom homes and refurbishing homes in California, He now lives in Las Vegas. Pat Lowery has excellent knowledge and ability to begin flipping homes immediately in the Las Vegas Area with funding. UMAX intends to help where possible identity accredited investors for the partnership, Nu Tech believes that investing in real estate is a solid collateral based and potential high yields in todays growing Las Vegas. Pat Lowery has completed multiple projects achieving large profits for his partners, we are excited. The cost of housing in the Las Vegas area is increasing significantly, especially in the refurbishment and rehabbing of older existing homes. Once the homes are remodeled the demand for such homes is very high mainly as they have been updated to modern standards. The time from listing the home to selling the home in the Las Vegas today is as low as 4 weeks according to the large local real estate firm. The average refurbishment net profit is around $35,000 to 80,000 or higher in some cases, based on recent sales in the market from rehabbing. Call Pat Lowery the President of Nutech Development Cell: 626 298 3759

The company intends to work with various networking real estate groups such as Outback investment clubs and other known real estate investment clubs, offering potential partnerships with accredited investors only also future venture capital firms willing to support NUTECH Development Inc. Once funded the general contractor will reciprocate his license from California to Nevada and begin rehabbing one to two houses in any given month, UMAX believe this is a long-term potential income stream once the first initial houses are done.

The CEO of UMAX quotes that this alliance will enable UMAX to benefit from the already expanding real estate market and the profits to be gained therein, with strategy future partnerships with accredited and investor both private and potentially institutional. UMAX believes that it will not be long before this relationship blossoms into a long-term revenue stream for the shareholders of UMAX.


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