Yappn Corp. (YPPN: OTCQB) | Yappn Signs Agreement With VerbalizeIt Adding Curated Human Translation Enhancing Real Time Language Services for Ecommerce


NEW YORK, Dec. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Yappn Corp. (“Yappn” or “Company”) (OTCQB:YPPN) a leader in real-time language technology, today announced that it has signed an initial agreement with New York based VerbalizeIt (www.verbalizeit.com), offering a technology platform that drives business internationalization through access to a 20,000-person curated community of human translators. Yappn’s algorithmic and real time automated language platform and VerbalizeIt will look to mutually provide services to each other as well as to the other party’s existing and new clients to increase service offerings leveraging efficiencies and effectiveness with a focus on Ecommerce and related revenue areas.

The relationship between VerbalizeIt and Yappn is a natural fit as each company services the same verticals of online responsive data, Ecommerce, web events and video captioning albeit in different manners.  Yappn provides real time algorithmic and automated language services while VerbalizeIt provides timely and high-quality human-powered translation services.  Each provides similar integration methods for clients to easily implement and globalize their properties allowing for increased efficiencies and economies of scale.  These services will furnish online content providers, Ecommerce companies and others with services to quickly provide responsive opportunities to their customers and update content, where necessary, in a quick turnaround manner, keeping customers at the forefront of the language experience and allowing vendors to reach new and global audiences.

The business opportunities may expand to both Yappn’s FotoYapp (www.FotoYapp.com) platform offering real time global image and video sharing and Yappn’s social and chat platform, where enterprises can offer users commenting and engagement opportunities.

“Our partnership with Yappn will allow us to broaden our reach and deepen the degree to which our platform and community of translators power business internationalization for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises alike. Moreover, we’re excited to work with an adept and proven team of leaders to create the best outcome for our customers and make translation more accessible to everyone,” said Ryan Frankel CEO of VerbalizeIt.

Yappn and VerbalizeIt will work cooperatively to augment the core services that each entity has to offer.  Yappn will provide real time language services for instant updates to the VerbalizeIt customers and VerbalizeIt will provide accuracy edits and language verification for Yappn’s customer base.  This partnership will allow users to make updates to their site or store and have the benefit of an instant globalization with Yappn’s technologies and VerbalizeIt will verify and correct the text if required shortly thereafter.

“The opportunity with VerbalizeIt allows us to quickly be responsive to our growing Ecommerce client needs where localization and cultural language services need constant engagement. We believe that there will be a broad sphere of new business opportunities that will develop through our partnership with VerbalizeIt,” said David Lucatch, Founder and CEO of Yappn Corp. “Each Company has unique abilities that will enhance the services of the other and provide an effective draw for businesses looking for a way to globalize their efforts.”

For more information, please visit Yappn at www.yappn.com, and visit our blog, Why Language Matters, at www.whylanguagematters.com

About VerbalizeIt

VerbalizeIt is a technology platform that drives business internationalization through access to a 20,000-person curated community of human translators. VerbalizeIt’s suite of translation solutions includes website, mobile app and document translation and video subtitling. The Company’s seamless technology and translator community empowers businesses to go global by facilitating better engagement with the global customer across 150 languages and over multiple mediums of communication. Learn more about VerbalizeIt at http://www.verbalizeit.com.

About Yappn

Yappn is a real-time multilingual company that amplifies brand messaging, helps conduct commerce and provides customer support by globalizing these experiences with its proprietary approach to language. Through its real-time multilingual amplification platform, Yappn eliminates the language barrier, allowing the free flow of communications in 67 languages. Yappn has developed cost effective, unique and proprietary technology tools and services that create dynamic solutions that enhance a brand’s messaging, media, e-commerce and support platforms.

In addition to Yappn, FotoYapp (www.fotoyapp.com) provides consumers, brands and Influencers with the ability to share media content (images, video, audio, etc.) instantly across the global social sphere with all major social posts in a single environment in almost any language allowing global participants to interact with each other, regardless of their native tongue.

Yappn Corp. is publicly traded in the U.S. on the OTCQB – symbol “YPPN” and leading technology incubator; Intertainment Media Inc. (TSX-V:INT) (OTC:ITMTF) (FRA:I4T) has a controlling interest in Yappn Corp.

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Visit our blog at www.whylanguagematters.com

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CONTACT: David Lucatch,
         Founder and CEO, Yappn Corp.

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