The most awkward inauguration moments between Donald Trump and Melania

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Inauguration day can be stressful, especially if its you or your husband who is being inaugurated.

So, perhaps that could explain some of the supposed awkwardness between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

Others however, are using some of the images of them together to suggest something more. Many point to the very beginning of the day with then President-elect Trump walked up the stairs to greet Obama and his wife and Michelle. Trump not only goes ahead of Melania, he doesn’t even look back to make sure she is behind him.

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Then there is the moment during the inauguration when Reverend Franklin Graham is acknowledging the rain. Trump turns back to his wife and makes a comment she smiles and nods but as soon as he turns back around her face goes sullen.

It could be that she was cold and wet or like we said, simply stressed out, but the bottom line is whatever was going on that day, we’ll likely never know.

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