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Hope you guys are enjoying a great start to the weekend and getting in the spirit! I’m hitting up two different holiday markets today with the hope of finishing up my Christmas shopping and continuing to enjoy New York during this magical time.

In personal news, I’ve decided to put myself on a spending freeze this month for all non-necessary items. I feel like between Black Friday sales, holiday shopping and all the expenses I’ve had associated with getting my PR business up and running…I started to feel like WOAH when I was looking at my finances.

I knew when I chose self-employment I would need to be better about budgeting and my spending choices overall so before the New Year starts I’m looking to get a head start on cooling things off. I used to give up shopping for lent for a few years ago and while it’s not easy (especially as a blogger!), I always am grateful I did it. I’m going to see how December goes and if I’m happy I did it, I may do so again for January. Anyone else ever done this!?

Anyhow, this week’s roundup is here and I hope you have a great rest of your weekend! xx

-Celebrated the start of the holiday season with Onomie. (I love their illuminating eye treatment!)
-Had lunch at and checked out the Twitter New York digs with my friend Laura. (Did you catch it on Snapchat? @meghandono)
-Celebrated my friend Hailey’s birthday with a little painting party. I was horrible at painting in college and it turns out…am still horrible. HA!
-Gave back via the Goods for Good annual #partyforgood.

-What an amazing lady!
-I was so moved by this woman. The internet can allow for cruelty to be easy in so many ways but we all need to work on being kinder to people and lifting one another up – not criticizing each other.
-How pretty does The White House look decorated for the holidays!?
-Wanderlust on a budget right this way.
-My mom sent me this and it got me even more excited to be heading home in two weeks time!
-I need to try this methodology when I take my next bath out in Colorado. I often get restless 5 minutes in and look at my phone which defeats the whole purpose of feeling relaxed! I like the idea of continuing to powder down even once you’re out of the tub.
-Anyone else so glad this is coming back!?

This silk bomber jacket is such a fun take on the traditional style and would be so cute paired over party-ready looks.
-All of the yes to these classic riding boots on sale!
-A cozy and classic cashmere sweater for $100 in loads of cute colors!
-Speaking of sweaters, I love the cozy, boxy fit of this one.
-How cute is this swing dress?
-I love Saveur and didn’t know they had a cookbook! This sounds like it would make a great gift.
Party ready pumps!
-ASOS always has the best scarves and I love this one in particular!
This sweater you’ve no doubt seen all over Instagram is back in stock!

Helpful info if you color your hair / are interested in doing so.
-Loads of great gifts under $50.
-A recent favorite outfit shot in beautiful Central Park.
What to do and where to eat in Montreal.
5 podcasts to inspire you.

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