3 quick reactions to Ben Carson’s confirmation hearing

Mortgage & Real Estate

With only a handful of days left before President-elect Donald Trump steps into office, Ben Carson wrapped up his confirmation hearing to be HUD secretary.

And looking at a recap from Compass Point Research Trading, Carson’s “path to confirmation is clear.”

On Thursday, the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee questioned Carson on his ability to lead the department, with senators mainly focusing on other topics such as Carson’s previous comments about housing, veteran homelessness and the LGBT community. For a full synopsis of the hearing, check here.

And as a quick recap, here are the three takeaways from the hearing, according to Compass Point:

  1. The optimistic tone from members was reminiscent of quotes out of Orioles spring training. The Senators were all happy to be there, and hopeful for the year ahead, but the season hasn’t truly started yet.
  2. Mortgage finance reform was barely mentioned, which reinforces our view that the odds of comprehensive reform in this Congress are only 30%.
  3. Questions relating to the potential impact of HUD policies on the Trump companies will likely persist in the months ahead.

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