Black Friday special: The top 5 things you need to read right now

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This Black Friday, many Americans will flood into the stores for the latest deals, some will even begin camping out starting on Thanksgiving Day.

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But while you’re waiting in those long lines for stores to open, here’s a perfect way to utilize your time. After the election, the markets changed significantly. These five articles give a summary of what happened after President-elect Donald Trump won the presidential election.

1. [Charts] Stocks surge after Trump’s first day as President-elect wraps

Just after President-elect Donald Trump won the election, stocks surged. On Nov. 9, stocks went up, reaching record highs just after dropping overnight. The run-up to Donald Trump getting declared as the next president created significant turmoil in the market that more than disappeared the next day. Here’s a spotlight on the top three indices.

2. Zillow: Mortgage interest rates skyrocket after Trump victory

But stocks aren’t the only thing that increased. Markets were still processing Trump’s victory when the mortgage rate shot up. In fact, it skyrocketed after the presidential election.

3. Trump unveils plan to dismantle Dodd-Frank Act

Then, the dust started to settle from the election, and a clearer picture began to emerge of what types of actions President-elect Donald Trump will pursue once the “-elect” is removed from his title. He shocked the industry. He revealed that he plans to completely dismantle the Dodd-Frank Act.

4. Janet Yellen: I plan to finish my term as Fed chair

Of course, there was also the matter of Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, who many believed her days would be numbered under a Trump administration. However, not only did Trump announce he wouldn’t be seeking her resignation, but Yellen herself said she would not be stepping down.

5. Trump: I am “seriously considering” Ben Carson for HUD secretary

But Trump is bringing in his own people as well. Ben Carson is one among many of the rumored cabinet members that could be coming on during the next administration. Carson’s response? He is “reconsidering” the possibility.

So there’s some highlights for you since Donald Trump took on the title of President-elect. Enjoy the rest of your time waiting in line and eating leftovers, and have a great rest of your weekend!

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