Citi Launches Digital Marketing Push with Zillow










Citi has formed a digital marketing alliance with online real estate marketplace Zillow in a bid to reach more customers in the financial services company’s priority cities, the company announced Feb. 10.

Through the alliance, Citi will receive an increased presence on Zillow, Zillow Mortgages and the Zillow-owned New York real estate website and app StreetEasy, the company said.

The arrangement will provide Citi with ad placements, content sponsorship and visibility for approved precertified buildings on StreetEasy. On Zillow’s other sites, the Citi brand will be pushed through advertising.

Citi will make special mortgage features available through the online sites, including an on-time closing guarantee and relationship pricing. The financial services company boosted its digital presence in an effort to capture more homebuyers in the markets it serves, said CD Davies, head of Citi’s mortgage business, in a press release.

Citi’s own North America consumer mortgage lending portfolio totaled to $101 billion, while the company also acts as a third-party servicer for an additional $229 billion in mortgages, as of September 2014.

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