Clear Capital Appoints New Senior Executives


Clear Capital, a real estate analytics firm that provides data and solutions for financial services companies, has made changes to its senior executive team to support the company’s business expansion.

The Truckee, Calif.-based firm, which conducts appraisals, broker price opinions, property condition inspections and value reconciliations, as well as providing its clients with a monthly home price index report, has appointed its first chief financial officer to support company growth and hired a new vice president of marketing and director of product management.

Gabe Nacht joins Clear Capital as its first CFO while Brian Wick was named the vice president of marketing. The firm also brought in Erik Lundquist as director of product management who will oversee all of the company’s commercial valuations efforts, including the recently launched commercial BPO and commercial evaluation products.

According to Kevin Marshall, president of Clear Capital, all three individuals were selected for their current positions because of their previous working experiences.

Nacht has more than 25 years of finance and operations leadership. As the CFO for Clear Capital, Nacht will be responsible to direct all accounting, finance and treasury activities.

Before joining Clear Capital, Nacht held the title of senior vice president and CFO for Bustos Media, Meridian Project Systems and Z-Spanish Media. He has also held senior positions at Phillips Publishing International and Bank of Boston.

“I knew this would be a rare opportunity to pair my finance and operations experience with a company focused on developing technology platforms and services that will lead the industry,” Nacht said. “What also struck me about the company is its ‘wherever it leads, what it takes’ philosophy and commitment to customer service.”

As the new vice president of marketing, Wick will lead all branding, messaging, awareness and demand generation between the real estate analytic firm and its customers, employees and vendors.

Wick has worked in the marketing field for more than 24 years promoting various technology platforms and solutions. He has held senior positions in marketing at Oracle Corp., Adobe System and Hewlett-Packard.

“Wick’s skills in telling clear and compelling stories will help Clear Capital’s current and prospective clients more easily understand the value of its products and services,” the analytic firm said in a written statement.

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