Do you own your tech?

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I remember back in 1975 when fax machines started being used. You would wait patiently for several minutes for the machine to give you a piece of paper that you couldn’t even read. And yet, we were impressed. As long as I can remember, tech played some part in mortgage lending. Before computers, we used typewriters with a screen. 

I know I’m dating myself, but in order to see how far technology has come, we have to look at where it began. Take, for example, this Nov. 1984 piece in The New York Times:

Electronic typewriters come equipped with circuit boards, which contain a host of semiconductor chips, eliminating much of the machinery that drives manual and electric typewriters and providing advanced features such as memory capacity. Because electronic devices have fewer moving parts, they are generally considered more reliable than their electric counterparts.-The New York Times, Nov. 1984

We have seen a significant change in our technology, the amount of it, the ways in which we use it and what it can be used for.  It is transforming the way we live, interact and even do business. But it’s not the technology development that moves gradually, it’s the adoption. How well are you using your tech, and are you using it in the most efficient manner possible?

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