Ellie Mae’s Policy and Education Manager ensures seamless compliance

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Keeping up with federal and state compliance guidelines is a vital but challenging task for lenders. Ellie Mae’s Policy and Education Manager enables lenders to develop an automated, seamless process to educate employees and track their progress.

“The one thing that’s constant is change,” said Terri Davis, vice president and general manager of AllRegs. “In the mortgage industry, change comes in many forms and affects teams and processes in a number of ways. Policy and Education Manager helps lenders by providing a central location for education and information with tools to ensure everyone who needs to know something, does.” 

The Policy and Education Manager contains two options for total compliance. The essentials package provides education and verification for mortgage-related federal consumer financial laws and regulations outlined in the CFPB Examination Guide. The premium package provides all the comprehensive mortgage-related learning and validation included with the essentials package, plus increased flexibility and customization capabilities. Ellie Mae logo

Both packages include a learning portal management tool, a comprehensive reporting tool, user job aids, administrator training and technical support and an Ellie Mae learning consultant. 

Ellie Mae recently upgraded the Policy and Education Manager with a new modern interface and administrative functionality. The Manager provides lenders a customizable dashboard that allows businesses to create and manage user accounts, design specific learning paths based on employees, and develop assessments to track comprehension and course completions. 

Ellie Mae’s solution also includes a unique integration with AllRegs Online publishing that links policies to education courses and assessments to ensure understanding of the material. AllRegs Online product offerings include education and training, loan product and guideline data and analytics, and the AllRegs online reference library that includes federal and state statutes regulations. 

“Automated course assignments and reminders, combined with reporting aspects, make this a great solution. And when you consider the courses and policies that are included, it can really up-level the learning and compliance programs for a mortgage lender.”

Ellie Mae’s Policy and Education Manager’s goal is to ensure financial institutions are not only compliant but completely educated, allowing the entire company to enforce policies  and track/resolve customer complaints. 


“The automation makes is easy to keep learners on track (and compliant) and the reporting options bring peace of mind, knowing reports are quick and easy to pull should an auditor have questions. The fact that policies and procedures are included, with the ability to quiz employees, gives us confidence that everyone knows what they’re supposed to do.”

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