Hope LoanPort, IndiSoft Launch National Homeownership Solutions Platform

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Hope LoanPort has partnered with technology provider IndiSoft to launch the National Homeownership Solutions Platform.

The platform will create a system that integrates IndiSoft’s RxOffice communication system with a series of document management capabilities that connect servicers, lenders and investors in real time.

It will support various products, including pre-purchase, post-purchase, post-modification, early intervention outreach, foreclosure prevention, short sale/deed-in-lieu, state foreclosure mediation, bankruptcy mediation and reverse mortgages, Hope LoanPort said in a press release Thursday.

In addition, it is expected to serve as a cost-saving resource for the consumer advocacy and counseling community and their efforts to help individuals and families that need assistance to sustain homeownership.

The platform is geared toward unifying “the efforts of multiple sectors and stakeholders, said Camillo Melchiorre, president and chief executive officer of Hope LoanPort. “By engaging the advocacy, counseling, servicing and lending and investor communities, we are building a common, unified platform that allows for a clear, seamless path through all phases of the homeownership process.”

Hope LoanPort has always counted on collaboration, said Mark Cole, executive vice president of HLP. The new partnership with IndiSoft is one example that adds to a series of partnerships, including with Bank of America, Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae, that have helped improve the platform’s capabilities over the past three years.

“We will be making significant, sustained investments in continuing to improve this platform in the coming years,” said Sanjeev Dahiwadkar, CEO and founder of IndiSoft. “We will continue to devote a significant amount of time and resources as well as sustained investments to enhance and improve this important platform in the coming years.”

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