First American Mortgage Solutions builds data assets into every offering




First American Mortgage Solutions gives lenders and servicers the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s challenging market: One source for end-to-end solutions across the loan spectrum, and direct access to the most data, the latest technology and the best people. 

“We’re continuing to invest in every area of our business to assist lenders, servicers and investors in achieving their goals and improving loan quality and consumer experience,” said Kevin Wall, president of First American Mortgage Solutions. “By going straight to the source, our customers can lever our unique assets to achieve speed, compliance and accuracy.” 

As a single-source real estate research and document retrieval solution,, a First American product, benefits the entire mortgage lifecycle. It makes it simple for mortgage lenders and servicers to work better and faster by harnessing the power of the industry’s largest property ownership database, plus information amassed from more than 6 billion recorded real estate documents. 

This industry-leading repository of data and documents lays the foundation for CleanFile Solutions, a single, vertically integrated suite launched by First American Mortgage Solutions to cure, perfect and complete collateral files. It combines post-closing document management, loan quality control, file perfection, lien release preparation and recording.

By building data assets into all of its offerings, First American Mortgage Solutions has bolstered every one of its solution categories across the loan lifecycle—the latest being valuations. After seeing an increased demand from lenders for a valuation partner that could deliver more accurate, data-enabled appraisals, First American Mortgage Solutions took action. 

“Through the use of data and analytics, we now have the ability to use the right appraiser at the right time to get the most accurate and timely collateral valuation possible,” Wall said. “We’re on the forefront of transforming valuations and bringing exciting possibilities for the mortgage industry by levering data, mobile technology and reconfigured workflows.”, Cleanfile Solutions and valuations are examples of innovation on a large scale, but First American Mortgage Solutions is also committed to finding solutions to specific business challenges faced by lenders and servicers. Here are two examples of how the company shares its industry expertise to build unique, customized solutions for clients. 

One top national lender sought First American’s assistance to gain efficiencies and reduce expenses in originations fulfillment. This lender’s previous strategy was to order all loan products (including title, appraisal, flood, HOA, 4506-T and others) immediately after accepting an application. Many others also use this approach believing it is more efficient, when it often adds expense by increasing staff to receive and review these products as part of credit underwriting. By collaborating with First American’s originations experts, the lender identified ways to balance the ordering process, reduce costs and achieve a quicker closing.

In another instance, First American mapped out scenarios with a regional lender who wanted to best utilize assorted equity products, including uninsured and insured, while maintaining tolerance for risk and cost. First American identified the best product combinations for different loan and line amounts, from uninsured valuations and various property information reports to traditional title insurance offerings. 

“Our comprehensive offerings translate into more options and greater flexibility for lenders and servicers to create efficiencies and help mitigate risk,” Wall said. “It’s what sets First American apart from other service providers, and is a strength they can use to their advantage.”


WallKevin Wall, President 

Kevin Wall is president of First American Mortgage Solutions, a subsidiary of First American Financial Corporation, which was recognized in both 2016 and 2017 by Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best companies to work for in America. 

Wall is responsible for strengthening the company’s alignment with lenders, servicers and investors, and strategically positioning the company to offer innovative, data-driven solutions focused on providing accuracy and transparency throughout the mortgage loan lifecycle. 

Prior to First American Mortgage Solutions, Wall gained deep industry knowledge through his decades of service at First American, CoreLogic, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, and other major companies. 


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