Here’s what will happen in housing and mortgages regardless of what Trump does next


Just this morning Goldman Sachs sent a note to clients discuss the financial markets view of the Trump presidency.

In it, they cite looming interest rate hikes expected from the Fed as the global economy adjusts to our new president. Why? Because, “not only the growth-positive aspects of the Trump agenda but also the growth-negative aspects—especially the specter of protectionism—have receded in recent months,” they write.

As a result, “We expect hikes at the June and September FOMC meetings, an announcement of balance sheet runoff in December, and a return to quarterly rate hikes in March 2018,” writes Jan Hatzius, Goldman’s chief economist.

Trump news is everywhere. Most of it is speculation as to what he will do next, and what it will mean for the mortgage and housing markets. 

So I have to ask, what will happen in the housing and mortgage markets regardless of what Trump does?

We’ve put together this FREE webinar for everyone who is sick of hearing about President Donald Trump every second of the day.

That’s right. For one hour next week, on Wednesday, April 26, we will engage in an open QA on the outlook of the mortgage and housing markets, without discussing potential political ramifications on the industry.

Welcome to the only official Trump-free zone; you’ve earned a break.

We WILL discuss rising interest rates, hot housing markets, how to close more mortgages in a dwindling supply market, and whatever else you’d like.

And be we, we mean, Darius Bozorgi, CEO of Veros, Mike Fratantoni, chief economist of the Mortgage Bankers Association and Douglas Duncan, chief economist of Fannie Mae.

Sign up here and email your advanced questions to me: Or simply ask away during the webinar.

You’re welcome, America.






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