Home-retention law firm provides legal guidance for mortgage pros


Gross Polowy, LLC was formed in New York in 2011, during a time when distressed mortgages and residential foreclosures were rampant across the country. While the industry has rebounded to some of the lowest levels of defaulted mortgages in the past 10 years, the mortgage lenders and servicers that remain today face significant challenges in the current mortgage landscape, such as maintaining profitability, securing data, adapting to ongoing state and federal regulatory challenges and industry consolidation. Mortgage professionals need experienced legal guidance in order to approach these issues head-on to remain compliant and competitive.

Gross Polowy focuses on the nuances of New York and New Jersey real property laws, mortgage foreclosures, statute of limitations issues and state business conduct rules for servicing mortgage loans in default. Above all, the firm considers itself a “home-retention” firm — serving clients as experts in home retention in every case possible. The practice also includes mortgage default litigation and appeals, legal compliance, creditors’ rights, home retention, title curative and related real estate matters.

“We built Gross Polowy on the core values of commitment to quality and accurate legal work, outstanding service to our clients and to be the best at what we do. We do the right things for the right reasons, because we expect that of ourselves and owe that to our clients and the communities where we operate,” said Gross Polowy Founding Partner Adam Gross.

As the market has stabilized and defaulted mortgage volumes trend downward, Gross Polowy has risen as a leading voice in regulatory trainings and legal processes.

“We have had some exciting opportunities, in particular partnerships with the Courts and GSEs to create pilot programs and quality initiatives on foreclosures in our jurisdictions,” said Gross Polowy Managing Partner Amy Polowy.

Gross Polowy focuses on individual and customizable solutions that fully help clients with legal challenges. The firm is driven by an intellectually built, fully customizable case management system — leveraging its technology to design, support and enhance business transformation efforts for clients.

The system provides the firm with the ability to manage cases on a micro-level to ensure compliance with client requirements, judicial requests and each homeowner’s unique needs in the matter.

“By partnering with our clients in this way, we are able to interpret each of their needs and program our technology to optimally support them. Big-picture issues are of course a concern, but we operate from the understanding that in order to create opportunities and innovate legal solutions, the devil is in the details.” Gross said.

“We will continue to provide the best possible legal advice and efficient file management to eliminate controllable delays, save time and maximize revenue for our clients and their clients. We believe in leveraging our technology to customize programs and specialty support services and having a talented, intelligent staff is our greatest opportunity to add value to our client relationships and keep our focus on the future,” Polowy said.


adamAdam Gross, Founding Partner

As founding partner of the New York New Jersey based law firm of Gross Polowy, Adam Gross is the critical source of thought leadership which the company has become known for. Gross identifies areas where clients of the firm are in need of solutions or a product/process that might not exist yet. Gross is recognized in New York foreclosure and mortgage servicing laws and sought after for speaking engagements, including training of the Judges at the New York Judicial Institute and court appointed referees.

Amy Polowy, Managing Partneramy

Managing Partner at Gross Polowy LLC Amy Polowy is licensed to practice in New York and New Jersey. Her role as managing partner encompasses a broad scope of responsibility and requires an evolved level of thought leadership to identify, design and orchestrate strategies for realizing the near and long term goals of the firm. Polowy’s ability to design a robust business operation around legal and regulatory requirements and client mandated guidelines or operational protocols has impacted Gross Polowy’s growth. She is the drive behind the firm’s mission and vision, effectively both an owner and a manager. In addition to the New York and New Jersey State Courts, Polowy is also admitted to the United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit, U.S. District Court, Western, Northern, Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and the U.S. District Court of New Jersey.

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