HUD regulations spur promotions at Superior Homes Services


Superior Home Services, a provider of FHA property remediation services for lenders and servicers, made several promotions due to the increase in demand HUD regulations.

The first promotion was Patrick Nackley, who the company promoted to senior vice president. In this position, Nackley will manage the company’s future growth, increase operational performance and develop strategic initiatives. He will also serve as corporate cousel and continue to manage the legal department.

Before joining the company in 2007, Nackley was the company’s director of marketing and business development. He earned his bachelor’s from the Virginia Commonwealth University, his master’s from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville and his law degree from the University of Denver.

“Patrick has done an extraordinary job expanding our client base and making sure our clients achieve swift, successful claim recoveries, and the company’s strong financial health is a direct reflection of Nina’s accounting expertise,” said David Cook, Superior Home Services president and CEO.

In addition, the company promoted Nina Pankau to vice president of finance and information technology. In this role she will ensure the financial health of the company and the integrity of its IT operations. She joined the company in 2007 and has over 30 years of mortgage experience. Pankau holds an accounting degree from Parkland College.

Some of her Pankau’s responsibilities include preparing, reviewing and analyzing company financial information, working closely with senior management to develop strategic planning and business directives and overseeing the company’s IT resources, budgeting and management.

Lastly, Superior Homes named Thomas Vaughn as director of marketing and business development. In his position, he will establish and tend to relationships with existing and prospective clients.

Previously, Vaughn was the vice president of government programs oversight for Selene Finance, a mortgage servicing and loss mitigation provider.

“Thomas’s proven track record in sales, his experience helping companies meet regulatory guidelines and his commitment to service makes him a perfect fit for our organization,” Cook said. “We are extremely fortunate to have all three on our team.”

Recently, HUD regulations have tightened the deadlines and requirements for conveying FHA properties. Servicers are likely to have problems completing repairs on time, and therefore making them spend more corporate funds, according to Superior Homes. 

“As HUD has become stricter in conveyance condition requirements for FHA properties in default, demand for our services is growing tremendously,” Cook said. 

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