The HousingWire Insiders awards are a thing you don’t want to miss


When HousingWire launched the Insiders awards program, we hoped it would be successful.

After all, The HW Insiders Award program is truly one-of-a-kind.

For the most successful housing and mortgage finance firm, Insiders recognizes your organization’s operational all-stars — those insiders that are your company’s best-kept secret, yet vital to its success.

Even with our expectations high here at HousingWire, the Insiders nominations are actually CRUSHING IT.

The nominations submitted so far are absolutely the top operators in our space. Hands down. Everyone else, go home, you can’t compete.

For those who wanted to submit a HousingWire Insider nomination, but forgot to submit in time, we’re going to do you a solid; the awards are going to stay open one more day.

That’s right, the nominations are supposed to close today. Ignore that. There’s one more day.

Yes, the Insider nominations will now stay open until Midnight TOMORROW NIGHT.

Get your awesome guys and girls in there.

Do it, they deserve to be in the company of AWESOMENESS.

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