This is how to get answers to all of your TRID questions


If you work in mortgage lending, you definitely deal with more questions than answers when it comes to the latest regulatory oversight.

HousingWire is looking to help with that.

We put together an expert panel so that you can email or instant message us your TRID problems and we’ll get you solutions.

We will put on a quick webinar the Friday after the Mortgage Bankers Association’s big show up in Boston. So that’ll be for an hour, midday, on Oct. 28.

Just sign up and email your questions to me and we’ll get you those answers. My email is on the sign-up page if you click the link above.

By now we know that TRID is causing mortgage defects to skyrocket, according to this report from Moody’s Investors Service. So one of our panelists will include the risk-assessment expert from Moody’s, Yehudah Forster, who contributed to that report.

We’ll also listen to commonly asked TRID questions as presented to our mortgage doc preparation expert and our loan origination software expert: Vince Wilson of IDS and Angela Cheek of Ellie Mae, respectively.

OK, so you’ve got a week to get on board, send me your questions and we’ll get them answered.

HousingWire has your back, lenders! It’s time to lend with confidence!

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