2016 HW Vanguard Award winners


As the door closes on 2016, the mortgage industry is full of good news. Increasing home prices mean the vast majority of homebuyers have positive equity in their home, and the number of foreclosures continues to drop to pre-Recession levels. Millennials are starting to step into the market and both GSEs and private companies are making room for first-time homebuyers with low down payment programs and alternative credit models.

But the challenges of 2017 lie right around the corner.

Any new presidential administration signals change for our industry, but this year’s changes could be unprecedented. As the mortgage industry continues its slow but steady recovery from the financial crisis and the Great Recession, a new administration will have weighty decisions to make.

Amid the potential new direction from the president, congress and regulators, leadership in our industry is more important than ever. Understanding and planning for a changing environment will test the proficiency of mortgage lenders, servicers, investors and real estate professionals across the country.

Which is why HousingWire is proud to present the 40 winners of our 2016 Vanguard award. These leaders from all segments of the mortgage ecosphere demonstrate that our industry is more than capable of meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Vanguard winners excel in a variety of skill sets, but all share the ability to energize and mobilize their employees. We asked each of our winners to answer questions about what has made them successful, and many chose to point out that their most valuable resource is not a strategic plan or a key technology — it’s the team of people they work with every day.

Strong teams under inspired leadership ensure that the future of our industry is bright indeed.

Our 2017 Vanguard winners:

David Battany

Allen Beydoun

Vladimir Bien-Aime

Jeff Bode

Jeff Bradford

David Brickman

John Button

Brent Chandler

Paul Clifford

Uday Devalla

David Gansberg

Vishal Garg

Cathleen Shreiner Gates

Nima Ghamsari

Kristi Harris

James Hecht

Jim Helfric

Blythe Hughes

Dominic Iannitti

Ty Jenkins

JP Kelly

Andrew Kernan

Frank Martell

Matt Martin

Damir Matic

Phil McCall

Gary McCarthy

Tim Morse

Michael O’Connell

Hassan Rashid

Curtis Richins

Craig Riddell

Leonard Ryan

Ralph Sells

Bradley Shuster

Chad Smith

Jeff Tennyson

Willy Walker

Kevin Wall

Ben Wu



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