2018 HW Vanguard: Anthony Cazazian


Anthony Cazazian is a problem solver. He saw a major issue challenging the single-family rental industry – a lack of streamlined, standardized processes – and he set out to fix it, creating the largest corporate-owned property management company focused on the asset class.

Now, Renters Warehouse can provide owners with a single point of contact to efficiently manage their rental properties across more than 40 markets.

Anthony CazazianCazazian built this model in a year and half, executing seven acquisitions and expanding operations into 12 new markets. He also built a new division within Renters Warehouse – Portfolio Services, which has a significant number of units under its management.

Earlier in his career, Cazazian worked as a sales trader for a boutique brokerage company in the New York Stock Exchange. He then moved on Goldman Sachs, where he learned the ins and outs of electronic trading before joining one of the firm’s real estate and investment financing groups focused on commercial real estate.

For a time, he worked at B2R Finance, where he provided portfolio loans on single-family rental portfolios, and then he made the leap to Renters Warehouse.

“I began to realize that while financing of the asset class had grown and become easier, operating the asset class across multiple markets was very difficult for anyone that didn’t have their own institutional infrastructure,” Cazazian said. “So I joined Renters Warehouse to help create a solution for investors that need a single point of contact to manage their assets nationally.”

What one habit has made a crucial difference in your success?

“Be stubborn about putting yourself in new and uncomfortable positions, changing your routines and searching for different ways to solve problems. In particular, try to do this in the context of changes in an industry that excites you.”

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