Affordable home to replace blighted multifamily property


A new, affordable, two-family home will be built in Central Falls, R.I., replacing a blighted six-unit multifamily property that has been demolished.

The project is a collaboration between Pawtucket Central Falls Development and the Central Falls Nuisance Task Force.

The task force had identified 63 Fletcher St. as one of the worst nuisance properties in the city, and the property was ordered to be vacated after the municipal housing court deemed it uninhabitable.

The property was placed in receivership. After a demolition financed by the task force, the vacant lot was sold to Pawtucket Central Falls Development, a nonprofit affordable-housing developer.

The Nuisance Task Force then awarded PCF Development $100,000 to develop an owner-occupied, two-family home on the site. The homeowner will occupy one unit and the other will be available for rent.

“We have a pipeline of city residents who are looking to purchase their first home and plant roots in the community. This development will provide another city resident a home to call their own and achieve their dream of home ownership,” said Linda Weisinger, executive director of PCF Development.

Other financing partners for the project include LISC RI and the Pawtucket Credit Union.


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