Affordable housing advocates plan day of action


Affordable housing advocates across the U.S. are coming together to advocate for greater investment in affordable homes and community development.

The Campaign for Housing and Community Development Funding and the National Association of Local Housing Finance Agencies, along with other state, local and national leaders raised a call to advocates, elected officials and concerned citizens to participate in the Our Homes, Our Voices day of action on July 29.

“All people deserve an affordable home, and no one should be forced to give up food and basic healthcare to keep a roof over their heads,” NALHFA explained. “When we invest in affordable homes, we invest in people, our communities, and America as a whole – from increased employment and economic mobility to improved health and better education.”

The association explained many families, including low income seniors, people with disabilities, veterans and families with children, struggle to own a home. About 75% of families in need of federal housing assistance are turned away due to lack of funding.

Several affordable housing groups already spoke out against President Donald Trump, saying his budget, and its $6 billion cut to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, would be catastrophic.

And the budget doesn’t just cut funding to affordable housing programs, but also buried on the second-to-last page of Trump’s budget is a move to gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Trump’s new budget would slash federal investments in affordable housing by $7.4 billion or 15%, according to NALHFA. The association insisted that instead of reducing the U.S.’s investments in affordable housing, advocates should make a bold and sustained commitment to ensure that everyone has a safe, accessible and affordable home.

The association urged Congress to reject the administration’s 2018 budget proposal, lift the spending caps equally for defense and domestic programs, and fully invest in affordable housing resources that help low income families keep a roof over their heads.

“President Trump’s budget proposal would be catastrophic to local governments that rely on this funding for affordable housing,” NALHFA Interim Executive Director Jonathan Paine said.

“The country is in a serious affordable housing crisis and there is a great need to highlight the importance of government investment in affordable housing infrastructure,” Paine said. “The Our Homes, Our Voices day of action will be an exceptional way for communities across the nation to emphasize the necessity of affordable housing investment.”

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