Alabama among states with a nation’s lowest sum debt debt

Alabama only misses out on a tip 10 among states with a nation’s lowest sum debt debt.

But experts contend that could be changing.

Consumer credit stating group Experian says that Alabama has an normal debt debt of $140,963, fixation it 13th among a states.


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At a tip of a list is West Virginia, where normal debt debt hovers during $114,583 . Tops for debt debt, unsurprisingly, is California, where residents reason an normal debt of $347,652.

Several Southern states are among a nation’s lowest. Mississippi checks in during No. 2, while Kentucky and Arkansas done a tip 10.

But Experian says Alabama could be in risk of losing a standing among a nation’s lowest. From 2016 to 2017, Experian reported, a state’s normal debt debt rate rose 5.18%.

A rising debt rate doesn’t indispensably align with information on home prices. According to a Alabama Center for Real Estate, a median sales cost in Alabama for residential homes in Sep was $162,482, a 0.6% boost from final year. Alabama’s home sales in Sep were adult 8.5% from final year.


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