Big ups and downs for Maui’s housing marketplace in June

Two pieces of Maui’s housing marketplace changed in conflicting directions in June, with declines for single-family houses and gains for condominiums.

The Realtors Association of Maui reported that a series of single-family homes sole final month plummeted 30% to 84 sales from 120 a year earlier.

The median sale cost for homes was $725,700 in June, down 2 from $740,000 in a same month final year.

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In Maui’s condo marketplace a series of sales surged 21% to 150 final month from 124 a year earlier.

Condos sole for a median $515,000 in June, adult 20% from $430,000 a year earlier.

Maui’s housing sale statistics are mostly jumpy in partial since a trade organisation depends sales of formerly owned homes and new homes. The brew between primary housing in reduction costly tools of a island and pricey vacation homes during resorts also can minister to swings in median prices.

The median sale cost is a indicate during that half a sales were during a aloft cost and half during a reduce price.

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