California foreclosure profession condemned for fraud

One-time Modesto City Council claimant Robert Farrace, an profession and genuine estate broker, was condemned Monday to dual years in sovereign jail for defrauding genuine estate lenders.

Farrace, 53, was boss of a Stanislaus County Bar Association when a jury in Nov convicted him of 3 rascal depends after a five-day trial. His law permit given was dangling and is expected to be revoked, and he was nude of his position with a internal bar.

Farrace’s profession asked that he be given hearing with no time behind bars, insisting that Farrace suspicion his actions were legal.

Authorities endorsed 6 1/2 years in prison, observant industry-insider believe helped Farrace pretence lenders in sequence to keep dual Modesto investment homes he differently would have mislaid to foreclosure, during 1529 Roseburg Ave. and during 2360 Scenic Drive.

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Farrace total a association to buy a homes from himself while concealing from lenders that he was on both ends of a deals in 2009 and 2010, hearing justification showed. He traded one debt remuneration he could no longer means with one most lower, and attempted a same with a second before investigators held on and prevented a understanding from going through, authorities said.

To keep banks in a dark, Farrace recruited a friend’s father to poise as a manager of Dignitas LLC, a association Farrace total for a solitary purpose of shopping a dual properties from himself, prosecutors said. Concealing Farrace’s impasse helped him get around bank manners requiring “arms-length transactions,” hearing justification showed.

His deception cost lenders a total $570,853, prosecutors said.

Farrace was a finalist in a 2007 competition for City Council, losing in a runoff to Dave Lopez. Farrace also was a Bee village columnist in early 2010 and wrote about foreclosure strategies.

Real estate investigators with a Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office worked with a FBI and a Federal Housing Finance Agency on a case.

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