Cleveland-area home prices climb in May for third straight month


The median sale price for single-family homes in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, climbed in May for the third consecutive month, reaching $157,500 in the suburbs and $139,000 countywide, tracking of property records by found.

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In the city of Cleveland, the price was nearly unchanged from a month earlier, at $47,500.

For both the suburbs and Cleveland, single-family home prices were up over the same month a year earlier.

Prices have been on the rise both countywide and in the suburbs since February, while fluctuating in the city of Cleveland.

The countywide median price last month of $139,000 was up 10.6% from $125,710 in May 2018.

The suburban sale price of $157,500 was up 9% from $144,500 during May in 2018.

The Cleveland price of $47,500 climbed 10.5% over $43,000 in May 2018.

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