Don’t miss out: The essential social media guide specifically for mortgage lending


This is a snapshot of one of the slides in HousingWire’s latest webinar, showing exactly how many different types of social media platforms are out there.

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(Source: Cultural Outreach Solutions)

My earlier note about direct messaging clients on Twitter, commenting on posts on Instagram, sharing links on Facebook and even reviewing your business on Yelp, only scratched the surface of social media options.

The above picture isn’t even all of them, and there’s already 24 shown to choose from.

So where should you start? For starters, it can slightly vary depending on where in the mortgage and housing industry you stand.

HousingWire chatted with mortgage industry experts Barbara Yolles, chief marketing officer with United Wholesale Mortgage, and Kristin Messerli, founder and managing director of Cultural Outreach Solutions, in the webinar to share tips on how to use social media when it comes to mortgages specifically.

In the question and answer section at the end, Messerli answered the above question, saying, “You should start with just one platform, or if you’re not on any, you can focus on just two to three. It can get really overwhelming, and if you’re not posting content consistently or frequently, then you’re not going to get the type of response that you want to have.”

“I will say that Facebook and LinkedIn are necessities, so if you don’t have a strong presence there, then I would start on those and then maybe look at twitter and YouTube,” he continued.

Yolles added to this explaining there’s a difference depending on the type of business your business is in.

“We’ve found that LinkedIn is a really good platform in the B2B space. If you’re in B2B, Facebook is also great as an awareness builder, and it humanizes who you are in your brand. If you’re a B2C, I would go to Facebook first, and then I would add in from there,” Yolles said. “You have to commit to at least one to get yourself up and running.”

This is simply one of the questions discussed in the webinar. For the full webinar, which includes how to deal with negative comments and gain positive reviews, check here.  

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