Home sales in Rhode Island tumble as median cost rises

The series of single-family homes sole during a third entertain declined 6.7% from a same three-month duration a year ago, while a median sales cost rose 3.8%, according to numbers done open Wednesday by a Rhode Island Association of Realtors.

The median cost for houses sole in July, Aug and Sep of 2018 was $275,000, a $10,000 boost from a third entertain of 2017.

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Statewide, 3,062 houses were sole in a three-month duration this year, compared with 3,281 a same time final year.

The top median prices by village were $1,095,000, in New Shoreham; $646,000, on a East Side of Providence; and $645,000, in Jamestown.

The lowest were $185,500, in Central Falls; $200,000, in Providence, solely for a East Side; and $205,000, in Woonsocket. All 3 of those communities posted double-digit-percentage increases from a year ago.

For multi-unit houses statewide, a median sales cost rose 13.7%, to $250,000, as a series of houses sole increasing 15.5%, to 558.

Condominium prices fell 4.2%, to $215,000, as a series sole rose 5.3%, to 641.


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