Home sales trip in Colorado Springs, though prices continue to climb

The Colorado Springs single-family housing marketplace is still going clever — only not utterly as clever as final year.

A parsimonious supply of homes accessible for squeeze has contributed to a months-long decrease in sales, as has a normal late-year slack in shopping and selling, pronounced Joe Clement, broker-owner of Remax Properties in Colorado Springs.

“It’s winter, it’s snowing, I’m not shopping a house,” he pronounced of a mindset that takes reason late in a year.

In November, Springs-area home sales totaled 1,096, down scarcely 13% from a same month final year, says a new news by a Pikes Peak Association of Realtors. Sales now have depressed for 9 true months on a year-over-year basis.

The city had 2,153 homes listed for sale in November, a 31% boost from a year earlier, a news showed. Despite that uptick, final month’s housing register stays historically low and sales have slid, in part, since there aren’t adequate homes to accommodate all buyers, generally those whose cost operation is $300,000 and under, Clement said.

Colorado Springs

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His brokerage recently listed a home for sale on a city’s southeast side during $215,000 and had mixed offers within 3 days

“As we go down in price, a register becomes reduction and less, and that’s been a trend for a final several years,” Clement said. “You can’t find a $200,000 house.”

If November’s register had been closer to a some-more normal monthly supply of about 3,000 to 3,500 homes, afterwards final month’s sales competence have bumped adult by another 100 to 200, Clement said.

“But they’re not there, so we don’t get a deals done,” he said.

At a same time, some buyers will start to lift behind on acid for homes when a continue gets colder, while many sellers will wait until a new year to list their properties.

“It’s a holidays; let’s not list, let’s not buy,” Clement said.

The sales slack isn’t means for alarm, he said. The Springs area has seen record sales totals over a past few years, including some-more than 16,000 in 2017. Through November, sales totaled 14,512 — with another month still to go, according to a Realtors Association report. Most sales in a news take place in El Paso County, while others start in a few Front Range counties.

“If we demeanour behind during 2012 or 2010, we’re looking good,” Clement said. “It’s strong. The final integrate of years have been intensely strong; 2017 was phenomenal. So to contend we’re off from 2017, it’s not like it’s a time to panic since we’re not that distant off.”

Because homes still are in direct and supply is tight, prices continue to climb. The median cost — or median — of homes sole in Nov rose to $303,000, or 8.2% aloft than a year ago, a Realtors Association reports. Prices now have risen for 48 true months on a year-over-year basis.

Clement pronounced he expects 2019 to be another good year.

Although long-term debt rates have increasing to scarcely 5%, Colorado Springs has copiousness of resources that will assistance boost subsequent year’s market, he said. Among them: a cheaper cost of vital than other cities, an appealing place for millennials and tip rankings for the peculiarity of life by inhabitant publications.

“We’re going to have a good 2019,” Clement said. “As good as 2018 and 2017? Who knows? But we’re going to have a good year in 2019.”


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