Houston throwing adult to Dallas in new-home sales

New-home sales in a Houston area rose for a fourth true month in May, though a marketplace could be tightening as a series of tentative sales continued to decline, a new news showed.

Sales of new homes in Houston edged adult to a record 1,370 in May formed on a 12-month rolling average, according to HomesUSA.com, that compiles a monthly index formed on information from a Houston Association of Realtors and other Multiple Listing Services. The sales are adult from 12-month rolling normal of 1,364 in April.


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“The Houston new home marketplace is clever currently — it’s throwing behind adult to equal Dallas in fact,” Ben Caballero, owners of HomesUSA.com, pronounced in an announcement.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area logged 1,371 new homes sales in May. Austin purebred 689 new home sales, while San Antonio logged 532.

Prices for new homes in a Houston segment ticked adult to a rolling normal of $360,739 in May, compared to $375,695 for Dallas-Fort Worth, $369,096 for Austin and $296,670 for San Antonio.

For Texas, tentative new-home sales were down for a sixth true month in Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, a state’s largest new-home markets.

The Houston region’s total of tentative new-home sales sunk to a 12-month rolling normal of 1,197 in May, down from 1,293 in April.

“Builders in Texas saw record new-home sales and somewhat aloft home prices in May,” Caballero said. “But they did not knowledge any genuine alleviation in a gait of new-home sales homes, and a dump in tentative new home sales looks like a dim cloud on an differently splendid horizon.”

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