Missing Realtor Sidney Cranston found dead


Arizona authorities believe they have discovered the remains of Arizona Realtor Sidney Cranston Jr., 40, who went missing nearly eighteen months ago while showing a property.

Police also now rule his death a homicide, according to ABC 15 Arizona, and are looking at a suspect, too.

From the ABC 15 Arizona article:

In a release Tuesday, the Kingman Police Department said investigators from several agencies, including the FBI and Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, found human remains in a remote area east of Kingman. The remains are believed to be those of Sidney Cranston, Jr., though officials said positive identification has not been determined.

The Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office determined the body died of a gunshot wound, and the death has been ruled a homicide.

The article noted that officials are withholding details about the events leading up to the body’s discovery.

Cranston was last seen on June 16 when he reportedly went to show an unknown property to an unknown client near Kingman, Arizona, about 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

Cranston was last seen at noon by a friend he had lunch with, and according to local media and police reports, his last phone call was logged at 1:30 p.m.

The case quickly went cold only a week after he went missing. Although local law enforcement officials were actively searching, family and friends feared the trail was already going cold.

By August 2015, the family of Cranston said they were giving up hope on finding him alive.

In an emotional and raw interview with Doug McMurdo of the Daily Miner, the family members say that they are at the point of asking hunters, particularly those who will be in the Hualapai Mountains, to be on the lookout for the 40-year-old man’s remains.

And the last news on Cranston came a year after he went missing in June 2016, with Chris Cranston, Sidney Cranston’s brother, urging anyone with information, even those possibly responsible, to come forward.

At the time, Chris Cranston said,  “The problem searching at this point is, it’s possible we’ve walked right over him and don’t even know it. With the passage of time, even with dogs it becomes difficult to find someone if they’re buried.”

From the article: “Officials are withholding details about the events leading up to the body’s discovery, but said Alfredo Blanco is considered a suspect in Cranston’s death. Blanco remains in a care facility in another part of the state due to a serious health issue, Kingman police said.”

ABC did not elaborate on the connection Blanco may hold to Cranston.

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