New service promises lead conversion rate above 50%

The mortgage and real estate spaces are seeing an influx of new tech which promise to make the lives of LOs and real estate agents a whole lot easier.

And these are big promises.

Last week, we read about the looming launch of a new flat-fee brokerage system called nada.

Today, we bring you SOA Leads, an automated branding platform for real estate agents. SOA Leads is promising more listings and stronger leads.

How strong?

“While only in its initial launch phase, SOA Leads is already delivering its clients a lead conversion rate above 50%,” according to the company.

That’s miles above other lead generation services — Zillow is estimated around 4%, for example — so what’s so special about SOA Leads? For one, it’s small: only available in select California markets.

Also, it captures motivated seller leads with validated phone numbers through a automated platform that lets them calculate their home equity. So when a seller clicks the ad that promises to check whether or not now is a good time for them to sell, and if the answer is “yes,” that lead goes to the agent. The seller is already highly motivated, as the service just told them that selling would be a good idea.

SOA Leads CEO and real estate agent, Alex Tkachuk, along with his partners Oleg Minzu and Sean Safholm, developed the platform after spending thousands of dollars every month on various online lead platforms that often went nowhere.

The question remains as to whether or not it is a good time to sell. Tkachuk says his partnerships with data providers ensure that the consumers are getting valuable information and are not being led astray.

“It is about providing value and transparency without an overbearing sales pitch in exchange for verified contact information, and because we have partnered with some of the most well-known online ad and data leaders in the industry, we are seeing great success,” Tkachuk said.

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