Oahu home sales slid in November

Oahu’s housing marketplace is nearby a finish of what is roughly certain to be a year where fewer people bought homes.

The Honolulu Board of Realtors has expelled information for November, and a news enclosed double-digit decreases in sale volume for both single-family houses and condominiums.

This kind of double-barreled slack hasn’t occurred given 2014, that was a final time there was an annual sales volume decrease.

In November, a series of single-family home sales forsaken 13.3% to 288 from 332 in a same month final year. Condo sales forsaken 14.4% to 429 from 501 in a same period.

For a initial 11 months of a year, single-family home sales are down 5.6% while condo sales are down 2.3%. So exclusive an astonishing thespian swell in sales this month, 2018 will finish 3 uninterrupted years of sale volume expansion that ranged roughly from 5% to 6.5% any year for single-family homes and from 4.5% to 8.5% for condos.


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Downward vigour on sales recently is entrance from rising prices total with rising seductiveness rates.

Oahu single-family homes sole in Nov for a median $797,000, that was adult 3% from $773,500 in a same month final year. The condo median sale cost was $420,000 final month, adult 3.7% from $405,000 a year earlier.

The median cost is a indicate during that half a sales were for a aloft cost and half for a reduce price.

The record median sale cost for any month was $812,500 in Sep for single-family homes and $435,000 in Mar for condos.

This year by November, median prices are $790,000 for single-family homes, adult 4.2% from $758,000 in a same duration final year, and $425,000 for condos, adult 4.9% from $405,000.

Interest rates also have been rising. The normal rate for a 30-year fixed-rate debt final week was 4.75%, adult from 3.94% a year earlier, according to Freddie Mac.

As prices and seductiveness rates rise, fewer people can means a register that’s available.

Local economists remarkable recently that personal incomes on normal in Hawaii have been rising faster than home prices in new years, creation a relations affordability of homes currently improved than it was a decade ago when also deliberation seductiveness rates.

Still, over a past year it’s turn some-more severe for many buyers to make a squeeze even yet accessible register has grown.

Scott Higashi, boss and CEO of internal residential genuine estate brokerage organisation Locations, pronounced in a new news that a continued arise in median sale prices over a past 12 months shows that restrained customer direct and foe still exist in a market.

“Median home and condo prices rose during a solid rate this duration — a thoughtfulness of restrained direct and continued rival marketplace conditions,” he said.

Darryl Macha, Honolulu Board of Realtors president, pronounced in a trade association’s news that a sales volume decrease final month was partial of what he considers a marketplace that continues to “normalize.”

Macha also remarkable that register listed for sale is adult 28% for single-family homes and 14% for condos this year though that some-more register during reduce prices is needed.

“Though when we cruise a altogether conditions including some-more selection, continued low seductiveness rates and a fast economy, it’s a auspicious time for buyers to squeeze a home,” he said.

More buyers, however, don’t seem to see it that way.

Sales counted in a board’s news simulate purchases finished in Nov that typically branch from contracts sealed one to 3 months earlier.

The series of sales tentative in Nov though not finished was dramatically reduce than a year earlier: 405 compared with 508 for single-family homes and 574 compared with 727 for condos.


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