On the move: Housing markets where homebuyers are headed (and fleeing)


Whether they’re on the hunt for cheaper homes, chasing a healthier job market or supporting a lifestyle change, homebuyers are packing their bags and heading to more favorable housing markets.

Among key areas of interest for consumers is the South, according to a LendingTree migration report. About 12.1% of consumers looking to move out of state are heading to Southern states. For those making a cross-country leap, Florida is the most popular destination.

Still, consumers don’t want to stray too far. Over half of homeowners crossing state lines are calling bordering states their new home.

From where they’re headed to where they’re jumping ship, here’s a look at 2018 homebuyer migration patterns.

The 2018 migration data is based on a LendingTree analysis of over 2 million new purchase mortgage loan requests through mid-November for primary residents of all 50 states.

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