Real estate, mortgage experts launch network for housing professionals


Business for those working in real estate and mortgage lending is changing, and those who want to learn how to thrive in this new climate need a place to learn and connect.

That was the impetus behind the creation of the Industry Syndicate, a media network and community for professionals working in real estate, mortgage lending, appraising, home building and related fields.

The Industry Syndicate was launched last week by Salt Lake City Realtor Dustin Brohm, founder of the Massive Agent Society; Wise Agent CMO Jason Frazier, founder of The Agent Marketer; and mortgage veteran Phil Treadwell, host of the Mortgage Marketing Expert podcast. Josh Pitts, host of the podcast Daily #LOLife, rounds out the Industry Syndicate team.

Right now, the Industry Syndicate offers its website visitors a collection of curated podcasts created for housing industry professionals on topics like tech, marketing and sales strategies, as well as Alexa Flash Briefings.

“The No. 1 question that I get from the audience of my podcast is, ‘Where can I find other podcasts like yours?’” said Treadwell. “I quickly realized there was a huge need in the industry for real estate and mortgage professionals to find great content all in one place.”

Next month, the group plans to roll out a free members-only app that will provide a forum for participants to engage.

Frazier said the app will create a “peer-to-peer ecosystem” where a group of qualified and approved professionals can discuss their work and share ideas on how to expand their reach.

“What it comes down to is there is no central hub for people who want to grow their business,” Frazier said, adding that most trade associations don’t offer fresh views on how to adapt to the changing climate.

“They’re not about growth, about evolution and about reinventing and innovation, they’re about surviving when it comes down to it,” Frazier said. “There are very few advisors and thought leaders out there who are speaking to the modern agent, the modern loan professional, who is going to help them meet the consumer on their terms.”

Frazier said the Industry Syndicate team wants to help members navigate a new era in mortgage lending and real estate.

“We believe that the industry is going to go through massive changes over the next 36 months, and for the professionals who understand what’s happening, the professionals who are tired of the old talking heads saying the same thing over and over again, this is where they can network with their peers who understand what’s happening and have a vision of where this business is going.”

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