Remember Florida’s foreclosure crisis? Residents do as they head to the polls


The country once again finds itself closely watching Florida as residents head to the polls in a state that could decide the election.

Less than a decade ago, however, the country instead was watching the state fall apart due to a heaping amount of homes going into foreclosure, a problem the state is still addressing.

According to the Q2 2016 U.S. Residential Property Vacancy and Zombie Foreclosure Report by Attom Data Solutions, Florida has the third highest volume (2,467) of zombie foreclosures, with only New Jersey (4,003) and New York (3,352) ahead of it.

Zeroing on Port St. Lucie, Florida, CNBC’s Diana Olick interviewed residents to see where they stood on this year’s election, given the state’s foreclosure situation. 

From the piece:

One in 5 today still owe more on their mortgages than their homes are worth, more than twice the so-called underwater rate of the rest of the nation. Voters who are going to the polls here have their pocketbooks top of mind.

“The Clintons seem to be interested in their own financial future, and Mr. Trump seems to be interested in the country’s financial future,” said a middle-aged woman named M.J., who was sitting on a bench by the water preparing for a job interview. She is currently unemployed.

This young mother might be the best example of state’s dilemma.

A young mother, who wanted to be known just as Nicole, has decided to sit this presidential election out.

“There is just so much controversy on both sides of it. I don’t know who I would vote for, to be honest,” she said.

Things are looking up for residents of Port St. Lucie though. A report from Pro Teck this year ranked the ten CBSAs with the highest annual sales price increase. Port St. Lucie came in sixth place at 15.99%.

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