San Diego Homeowners Association wins $2.9M construction defect lawsuit


The San Diego Homeowners Association won $2.975 million in damages from a construction defect suit.

The Naumann Law Firm filed the lawsuit in the San Diego County Superior Court on behalf of the homeowners association against an unnamed developer of a 230-unit condominium built between 2004 to 2005, according to a release from the law firm.

The homeowners association sued the developer because of foundation movement and excessive repair costs to correct leaks in the pipes beneath the property. Further investigation revealed soil issues, window leaks, and fire-protection deficiencies, among other things.

Naumann attorney’s William Naumann and Loren Shiu argued that the develop was at fault for defective foundations, water intrusion issues at the windows and the resulting damage from all of the defects in the construction of the condominium. After multiple inspections, mediations and depositions, Naumann secured the $2.975 million settlement for the San Diego Homeowners Association.

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