Trulia: Everything’s bigger in Texas, even houses


The American Dream just keeps getting bigger. When looking at a future home, 42% of Americans told Trulia they would like to upsize their home. For Millennials, that percentage is even greater at 60%.

That may be easier said than done, but Trulia compiled a list to help homeowners decide where to move to get the biggest house for their money.

As it turns out, and I’m not without bias here, everything really is bigger in Texas. In Texas, not only are the entry-level homes the largest in the country, but the state also makes the list for metros with the largest trade-up and premium homes.

Every major market in the Lone Star State, Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, offer large homes for all buyers.

On the other hand, while finding a spacious starter home in Hawaii is tough, trading up later isn’t.

Trulia divided homes into three categories: starter, trade-up and premium. From there, it listed the metros that have the largest and smallest homes in each category. Here are the results:

Starter homes

Metros with the largest homes:

1. Austin, Texas, at 1,428 square feet

2. Atlanta, Georgia, at 1,344 square feet

3. Newark, New Jersey, at 1,330 square feet

4. Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, at 1,326 square feet

5. Houston, Texas, at 1,320 square feet

Metros with smallest homes:

1. Honolulu, Hawaii, at 713 square feet

2. Detroit, Michigan, at 945 square feet

3. Wichita, Kansas, at 965 square feet

4. Fort Lauderdale, at 980 square feet

5. St. Louis, Missouri, at 1,008 square feet

Trade-up homes

Metros with the largest homes:

1. Houston, Texas, at 1,997 square feet

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 1,908 square feet

3. Dallas, Texas, at 1,900 square feet

4. Austin, Texas, at 1,893 square feet

5. Raleigh, North Carolina, at 1,880 square feet

Metros with the smallest homes:

1. Detroit, Michigan, at 1,075 square feet

2. Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 1,256 square feet

3. Wichita, Kansas, at 1,270 square feet

4. St. Louis, Missouri, at 1,270 square feet

5. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, at 1,274 square feet

Premium homes

Metros with the largest homes:

1. Colorado Springs, Colorado, at 3,056 square feet

2. Dallas, Texas, at 2,945 square feet

3. Fairfield County, Connecticut, at 2,904 square feet

4. Houston, Texas, at 2,869 square feet

5. Montgomery County Pennsylvania, at 2,857 square feet

Metros with the smallest homes:

1. Detroit, Michigan, at 1,645 square feet

2. Winston-Salem North Carolina, at 1,700 square feet

3. Wichita Kansas, at 1,873 square feet

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota, at 1,920 square feet

5. Miami, Florida, at 1,922 square feet

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