Will Camp Fire refugees reenergize Sacramento’s home sales market?

The Sacramento home sales marketplace is going into winter hibernation, new information suggest, amid doubt over either that marketplace will reawaken with vitality in spring, or continue a ennui of new months.

The median cost for a home sole in Sacramento County in Oct forsaken from $365,000 in Sep to $350,000 in October, according to genuine estate researcher CoreLogic. Oct is a fifth true month that homes sales were reduce than a same month a year before, according to genuine estate researcher CoreLogic.

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Appraiser Ryan Lundquist pronounced Nov sales numbers are reduce as well, suggesting a slumbering marketplace during slightest by Super Bowl Sunday in early February, when buyers and sellers typically turn active again.

One important furious label looms: The Camp Fire in Butte County broken 13,000 homes, withdrawal many families there scrambling for new housing — with few homes available.

It’s combined a frenzy in a Chico genuine estate market, branch it into what might be a hottest and most-inflated home sales marketplace in a country. That should have spill-over effects in a Sacramento region.

Real estate agents contend they already are saying some intensity buyers filtering into a area. Two adult children this week bought their mom — who was burnt out in Paradise — a new home in Lake Wildwood in Nevada County, Lyon Realtor Bill Evans said.

At $245,000, that home is allied in cost to Butte County genuine estate, he said. He and others don’t design a lot of Butte residents to buy in civic areas of Sacramento, though some expected will demeanour to immigrate in a region’s towering and towering communities and in lower-priced farming areas of Yuba and Sutter counties.

The augury for a open reawakening stays uncertain, tough.

Lyon Real Estate President Pat Shea pronounced this week he still sees a solid, if unspectacular, marketplace reforming subsequent year, usually not a feeding frenzy like Sacramento saw this past spring, when buyers were competing for homes amid sharpening prices.

“(The market) can usually run so quick so long, afterwards we delayed down, though still a good clip,” he said.

New home construction in Sacramento stays delayed though steady, Mike Strech of a North State Building Industry Association said. “Bottom line is we seem to be going by this leveling-off period.”


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