NAMB announces availability of NAMB All-In

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The National Association of Mortgage Brokers recently announced the availability of its a point-of-sale, cloud-based origination system NAMB All-In. 

Last year, when the organization announced plans to launch of the product, they promised the program would be available to all NAMB members free of charge. Now NAMB has also declared that all broker users will be able to export the FNMA 3.2 file, providing them with the choice of working with any industry lender.

NAMB Board President Richard Bettencourt said the organization is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for NAMB All-In.

“Brokers and lenders alike are excited to be part of a sleek, new system made for professionals, by professionals,” Bettencourt said in a statement. “NAMB All-In empowers brokers at every level, beginning with the mobile-friendly point-of-sale and ending with direct loan file delivery to integrated lenders or 3.2 file export capability.”

Through Calyx Software, NAMB All-In allows borrowers to initiate loan applications and begin the asset verification process, the group explained. Furthermore, the platform also helps mortgage brokers manage all incoming online applications, exchange and store documents and provide simultaneous support for both the current and upcoming Uniform Residential Loan Application.

According to NAMB, Freedom Mortgage, Quicken Loans and Stearns Lending are not only the first lenders to complete integration certification with Calyx, but are inaugural members of the software.

Notably, the organization said additional lenders are scheduled to be certified and onboarded throughout the early months of 2019.

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