FormFree Integrates Asset Verification Tech with Ellie Mae LOS









FormFree Holdings, an Atlanta-based provider of borrower asset verifications, is integrating its AccountChek software into Ellie Mae’s Encompass mortgage management solution.

The integration allows Encompass users to order, analyze and certify a borrower’s electronic bank statement data through AccountChek, which directly collects and delivers the data within minutes and in compliance with the ability-to-pay requirements.

The collaboration helps generate a digital asset report lenders can use to perform various types of data analytics required to originate mortgage loans, and eliminates bank statement fraud.

Encompass is an all-in-one solution for banks, credit unions and mortgage lenders that enables users to automate mortgage loan originations. Given that roughly “one in five mortgage loans goes through Encompass,” the partnership is bound to impact many companies that rely on paperless loan processing, Brent Chandler, founder and chief executive officer of FormFree, said in a press release Wednesday.

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