Poll by Home Lender Shows Most Buyers Use Tech

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According to an independent poll commissioned by Discover Home Loans, 89% of homebuyers use some form of online technology during the process of purchasing a home.

Of those polled, 76% said technology made them a smarter homebuyer, and 69% said it increased their confidence in buying a home. A total of 1,003 recent homebuyers were polled by Versta Research over the span of 12 days in early September. The firm used American Housing Survey data to balance the polling universe.

Discover Home Loans is a division of Discover, which provides a variety of direct banking and financial services.

According to the survey, 47% of homebuyers also said that technology helped them save money in their home purchase, and 92% said it helped them save time.

Though respondents were overall positive about the use of technology in home purchases, 83% still worked with a real estate agent during the process.

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